Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!

**I started this post on Sunday, but couldn't get the pictures downloaded. So it's a little out of sequence with the most recent posts - sorry!

Wow! It's been a very busy few days! Let's see, we'll start with Friday...


Well, Friday was Fair Day for the kids so they were off school. Mom and Brandon took them to the Fair with our neighbors because.....



Settlement went very smoothly, although I got a little emotional (I felt like I was abandoning my old, faithful dog - it was sad!) After settlement Brian and I realized we were in downtown Frederick, on Friday at lunchtime and it was a beautiful day! So we took a little stroll and ended up at Quynn's Attic where Michael cooked us some good food and we sat in the window over looking the street and reminisced about our first house. Brian isn't quite as sentimental as I am about it - perhaps because he's been juggling the maintenance of two houses for the past year? Probably. But,every thing's great and I am more and more relieved that the house has been sold every day. I'm amazed it sold in this market...

And - we moved into the new house one year ago on Fair Day, so we have now been here a year! How is that possible???? Time flies!

Liv, B, Serena (our neighbor) and Sydney


Cotton Candy and Candy Apples. Does it get any better than that???

Here they are looking at the animals - Liv's not sure she wants to actually touch it - it's cute but....

No. No, I don't think so.

Sydney just pooped out on the three mile ride home....


Olivia and Sydney went to their first ever Maryland Football game on Saturday! Dad and Brandon came with us and we tailgated for awhile before (and during and after!) game. The girls made little signs with hopes of getting on TV (no such luck). After halftime and ice cream to placate her a bit more, Sydney had enough. So, she and I and Brandon went back to the car to hang out a little more. I am always totally blown away by the stuff people bring to tailgate. It's absolutely amazing....
Brian, me, B and Dad
Here they come!

Sydney cheering on the Terps...

Liv REALLY got into it!

Liv loved the halftime show - the band did some "Guitar Hero" thing.

Sydney and Poppy's "kinoculars". She thought these were pretty cool.

Me and my dad. Just chillin', watchin' a little football...

Brian, Me, Dad and Liv...

Random tailgaters...right before they set up the 8 burner gas grill and the satellite dish - seriously?

The girls hanging out....

Olivia had a blast and didn't want to leave the game until it was over and then didn't want to leave the parking lot and go home! Brian is hoping this means she'll become a huge Maryland fan and want to go to college there.=)
To all of you who thought my husband might be a goofball, here's your proof.

We were gone all day and came home pooped!!


I spent Sunday in Baltimore. This seems to be a recurring theme with this Graduate program......
Another group project which requires a shitload of work in a very small amount of time. And once again, my weekends are filled with trips to the JHU campus, meeting with my team to review homework and do research, along with a healthy amount of goofing off (we get punchy after a few hours!) I had planned on being down there for an hour or two at the most.

I was there for five. Counting the 45 minute drive down and the hour and a half it took to get home (don't ask - I'm still not familiar with all of Baltimore and when they close down a major thoroughfare for a festival of all things, I'm screwed) my entire day was shot. Not. Fun.
Luckily, since Brian didn't have to mow two lawns this weekend (can I get a Hoo-ray?) he cleaned the house for me =) Good hubby.

So, that's what's been happening here. To all my friends out there who have wondered where I am, I'm in Grad School hell. I'll talk to you in December.

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