Friday, September 26, 2008

Was that the dog?.....or daddy?

So I got a Blackberry (I know, I know - Deb LEAPS into the 21'st century). This Blackberry is a constant source of derogatory comments from my husband. My husband thinks it's ridiculous. My kids think all the stuff it does is "cool".

So the other night, Olivia was walking through the breakfast room. We both heard this strange sound and she stopped and listened. It happened again. Then.....nothing. She looked perplexed but went about her business and continued on her way.

A few minutes later we heard it again. She came into the kitchen where I stood.


"Yes baby?"

"What was that sound?"

"Not sure"

"It sounded like Chauncey when he toots."

"I don't think that's what it was, Liv"

"Was it daddy?"

"I don't think so, but it's possible (chuckle, chuckle)"

"Yeah. (rolling eyes) He toots A LOT"

"Yes he does."

And then we heard it again - two short "toot" like sounds....Liv followed the sound until she came to my phone - plugged in and sitting on the top of the wooden jelly cabinet and set to vibrate so that it wouldn't disturb me and my classmates during class - and also so I didn't have to listen to Brian make fun of whatever "dorky" ring I had chosen.

"Mom - its your phone...when it vibrates it makes that sound!"

"So, my phone sounds like a toot when it vibrates?"

A little twinkle appears in her eyes and a slow smile spreads across her face...

"Yeah. Your phone has GAS, mom!"

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