Tuesday, September 30, 2008

....and now I'm disapointed.

So I finished the "Twilight" series.

LOVED the first book...loved, loved, LOVED IT!!!

The second book was good - she started to jump the shark a bit, but entertaining - and I couldn't wait to read the rest.

The third book was good - more of the same, a bit more shark jumping, but intriguing...

The fourth book...was...disappointing. Seriously.

I wish it would have stopped at one.

As I read the fourth book, all I could think was...is this the SAME series? Is this Bella and Edward and Jacob? Because really, it sure as hell didn't seem like it.

It was a good read. But I'd probably only read the first one or two books again. The fourth will make good kindling this winter.

It makes me yearn to find out what's happening over in Harry Potter's neck of the woods.......

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Mrs.C said...

I know, I'm sorry. The fourth book was a little over the top. It was nice to have an ending, but the whole "Bella getting pregnant by the undead" is impossible for me. I mean, seriously, his heart has ceased to pull blood, so how could the swimmers be working?!?!?! I know, I know, I agree. I was heartbroken that it wasn't better. I did like the 3rd book, but still I hear ya. Go get yourself some Nora Roberts. I started reading a trilogy of her's called "Blood Brothers", the second book is "The Hollow" and the third is due out this month or next. . . can't recall the name of it, but it's love, romance and some supernatural stuff. Actually pretty good.