Monday, September 8, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

As I said, Saturday was a really rainy, yucky day and moving during the storm was

Yesterday was spent moving furniture, doing the girls laundry, cleaning the house, and trying to cook a few meals to get us through the week.

This morning I woke up and it was a gorgeous day. The girls were already up and moving and it was before 7:00 a.m. and I was ready for my coffee. Downstairs I go, grab my coffee, feed the girls and then try to hurry them along because it is now 7:20, I have to shower, help the girls pick out their clothes for the day, get Liv's dance stuff ready for her first class tonight, get my school stuff together because I have my first class tonight, and get the girls to brush their teeth and wash their faces without screaming or smacking each other in their shared bathroom (they each have their own sink - why is this so hard???) and get them dressed.

I hop in the shower and get ready (make-up, hair, clothes, hair for the girls) and then run to the girls bedrooms to close their windows and take the window fans out since Brian told me this morning that it's supposed to be hot and humid today and we should turn on the air. (Notice he said "we", but he was already walking out the door) Anyway, I go to Liv's room, take the fan out of the window and quickly lose my grip on it and it crashes. Onto the top of my foot. Which REALLY hurt.

And so, the day began to go downhill....

I hobbled around, profanity flying from my mouth (the girls were downstairs, they heard the crash and the scream, but they did not hear the "Mother %*(&#^%!! That really #()&(&$#@ hurt!! DAMN!"

I went downstairs, grabbed my computer, looked at the clock and realized we had five minutes to get to the bus stop. The girls ran to get in the car, I ran around closing the downstairs windows and turning on the AC and then went back into the kitchen. I poured my "to go" cup of coffee and reached over to turn of the TV in the kitchen that's mounted under the counter. The TV then promptly fell onto the counter. And knocked over my coffee cup. Which spilled all over the counter. And all over my pants. Lovely.

More expletives, more screaming.

I ran to clean up the floor and the counter, checked the TV (which still works - it only fell a few inches thank God) and ran upstairs to put on another pair of pants, realizing that I only had 60 seconds to change or we'd risk missing the buss. I found one more clean pair of pants and rushed downstairs, grabbed the computer that was still sitting on the counter and ran to the car. Where I noticed that my computer had coffee all over the underneath of it .......which had now dripped all over my second pair of pants this morning.

Even more expletives and more screaming. You probably heard me - wherever you live.

Now I'm out of time. I'll have to take the kids to the bus stop and come back and find something to wear...

I run downstairs to the car, jump in and go warp speed to get to the end of the street to the bus stop with the girls.

We get there just in time..... to see the bus pulling away.

I am now beyond all reason. It was ugly. I will be paying for therapy for the girls for years after this.

We go back to the house and I change ONCE AGAIN (remember how I said I had spent the weekend doing the girls laundry? Yeah, well, mine didn't get done. I had to DIG for a pair of halfway clean pants in the back of the closet). The girls stand quietly in the kitchen - afraid to get in the way, afraid to talk - I think they were afraid to breathe - it was awful. As we are leaving to go back to the car, Sydney runs up to me and gives me a kiss and tells me she's not mad at me and that she loves me. Olivia gives me a big hug and says "Poor mommy". It was the only time this morning that I smiled. =)

So off we went to drop them off at school and I made my way to work. After all that, I was still only 5 minutes late!

Bring on Tuesday! I'm ready for it.....

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