Sunday, November 23, 2008

And now for a commercial break...

So, I realized I have put nothing on here about what's happening in the Henry Household since I have been posting about B's adventures in Bali. So here's the run down:

I have a cold I can't kick and it's making me cranky.

Yesterday Brian took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese as a reward for their EXCELLENT report cards - Liv got straights A's! Whoop!!! Party time! And Sydney got lots of slashes and x's, which, after I deciphered the code, made for a really good report card for her too! I begged off to go to the grocery store, go to a friends house to pick up some things and to look for boots. Which I didn't find. DAMN! I am having the hardest time finding high black boots - not because they aren't out there, but because they are all so big around my calves that they look goofy on my legs. It sucks.

Today I baked. 16 loaves of pumpkin bread. The house smelled wonderful and the girls enjoyed "helping". They love to cook and bake. Then my friend Beth and her kids came over and we made hard candy - Butter Rum and Orange Cream. Yum! Except my spatula melted a bit in the butter rum batch, but whatever. No one will notice. I hope....

Then Beth's husband came over and brought fresh Rock Fish and crab cakes and made us all dinner (4 adults and 5 children). It was yummy. And I didn't have to cook. That made it even tastier.

Not nearly as exciting as Bali.

And so, I will continue to live vicariously through my brother until he gets back.

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