Saturday, November 8, 2008

My favorite time of year

Isn't this just beautiful?

There's NOTHING like climbing trees on a crisp Autumn day...

Oh look! A tree threw up in our back yard...

Poor Brian spent ALL DAY blowing leaves, raking leaves, mulching leaves. It looked like hard work....from where I watched him.
Hey, he's a big boy! I say leave the leaves! They're just leaves, right? Why kill yourself trying to rake them up when the next wind is just going to blow more down and ruin all that work you just did!

To be fair - there are A LOT of trees in the yard. He really did a good job getting most of them up.

Isn't that gorgeous??? I love it.....I get to look at that every day. Life doesn't get much better than that!

And here we have Brandon and Brian!
Brian was drinking scotch. Not good.

And then he was being fed shots of Pitrone by Michael at Quynn's Attic. Which I didn't know about until we started walking back to the car. Notice his half open eyes? They went well with his slurred speech. The ladies in the parking deck found him QUITE amusing!

Me? Not so much. Although I have to say - this doesn't happen often, so I'll let him slide - this time. What is it with men and liquor??? It's just not a good mix. They all turn into Neanderthals who have suddenly misplaced their brains and replaced them with thier penises. I'm just sayin'...

How you feeling now Honey???? =)

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