Friday, November 28, 2008

Over the hill and down the driveway....

To Mimi's house we went!

The girls made place tags for the table...

We had a lot of fun and used LOTS of glue...we had pilgrim hats, pumpkins and leaves. And of course, we had to make them SPARKLY!! So I broke out the glitter glue. Which isn't something I typically do, since it's messy. And I don't really like messes.

But, it was Thanksgiving - what's a mom to do? And they turned out great.

Then the girls got baths, and got dressed up and wanted fancy hair. Liv looks so grown up....

So we sat around and waited for Dinner and talked to everyone. Dinner was late, which is a running joke in our family- so much so that when Sydney asked mom what time we were eating and mom said "About 5:30", Sydney said "Oh Man! We aren't gonna eat until 6:00!" It was actually 6:30. Which was great for me because that's the time I had picked, so I won the raffle.

In the meantime, the kids snapped some pictures.

Here's Brian, discussing the problems of the world with my relatives.

Here's Poppy - a little out of focus, but a cute picture all the same.

Our Thanksgiving table.

Mom loves pigs. So Sydney felt obliged to take a picture.

The bottom half of my great Aunt Mildred....

...and here's the top.

Dinner was so good. It was such a wonderful evening.

I hear from Angelique that Brandon cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for her. How lucky is she that my brother loves to cook - and is very good at it???
Here's B with his hand up the turkey's butt....

Making the gravy.
The table looked so nice.

Brandon carving the turkey.
You know you're a man when you get to carve the turkey.

Bali agrees with him - he looks very happy....

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Karin said...

It all looks fabulous. The name tags are my favorite part. I teach second grade so I can surely say they are great work!