Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Intolerant of Intolerance......

Yup. I'll admit it. I'm a hypocrite.

I am constantly "preaching" tolerance to my kids, my husband, the postman...

You get the picture.

But I have to say, in this instance, that I am intolerant.

As you know from an earlier post, Frederick County, and specifically Middletown, is dealing with an unspeakable tragedy, the likes of which have never been seen here. A father, suffering from mental illness, has killed his wife and three young children. It's unfathomable to the community. It's unbearable to the family and friends of the family.

I spoke with a friend who grew up near the young mother who was killed. She went to the viewing this evening and afterwards spoke of how amazing this family is....all five family members will be buried together. All FIVE. All FIVE are being honored with a Catholic Mass. The parents of the husband have been a very visible and welcome part of the arrangements, and were there this evening at the viewing. Both families issued a joint statement. Both families realize that he had an illness - that he was a loving husband and father - but he was sick. His parents not only have to deal with the loss of their child, their daughter-in-law and their beloved grandchildren, but they have to come to terms with the fact that their son - their child - was responsible for those deaths. My heart goes out to them.

The most amazing thing to me is that these families stand stand together. Blame is not being thrown to one family over another. They recognize that they are in this together. They recognize that they are grieving together....that they are still a family.

They stand United. They stand in Love. They ARE forgiveness, and understanding and love.

And to me, that is the most fundamental teaching of Christ.

Love one another.

Support one another.

Don't place blame on the undeserving.

Recognize that the weakness of others, isn't an excuse to condemn them.

And this is why, the protest that has been planned by the Westport Baptist Church sickens me.

I am tolerant of all religions. I am offended by those who think that if I don't believe what they believe, then I'm wrong. But I STILL defend their right to the fundamental freedom of their belief. They are entitled to it and it's not my place to say they are wrong.

Until now.

I encourage you to read the Press Release. This isn't the teachings of the Lord.

I'm not a "religious" person in the typical sense, but I believe in God. I believe in Good and Evil. I believe in Heaven and Hell.

And this is wrong.

Go home protestors.

Leave the family and the friends, and the community surrounding them, to their grief.

Because they are far closer to God, and far better Christians, than you will ever hope to be.

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