Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter? Already??

It seems like it was just Christmas. How can it be Easter already? And it was 70 degrees yesterday and tomorrow we're supposed to get snow. Apparently, the world has gone crazy.

Which makes me feel better cuz at least I'm not the only one.

A few weeks ago was the "Spring Dance" at the girls school. I use the term "dance" loosely, since the "dance" consists of the gym with a disco ball, DJ and 200 screaming elementary school kids.

Oh Yeah. It's a great time. Last year I went by myself.

I made Brian go with me this year. He was miserable. That made me feel better.

And here are the girls, all gussied up before we left.

Isn't that a cute picture?

Of course, that was the tenth picture I took of them together.

Here's the first.

Nice, Sydney. (It makes me laugh everytime I look at it....)

Olivia has got the modeling poses down perfectly.


Sydney tries....

Poor thing....with both of her top front teeth gone, she looks like "Fang" from "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"

But she's still so stinking cute I could eat her up!

On Saturday, I went to Baltimore to tour a new building under construction. It was SO COOL.

And I got to wear a hard hat.

And yes, it should have been lower on my head. But then it would have messed up my hair, so......

Then when I got home, I got Liv ready for her dance pictures.

Make up and hair are done and she's posing for mom....

Ever since she started dance lessons 6 years ago, I've wanted to see her in a real, live, pink tutu...


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